Moving Forward with a Plan

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January 2016

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Time to Plan

Moving Forward with a Plan

Cackie Upchurch

Imagine this. You are part of a faith formation team at a parish (maybe some of you are paid professionals or maybe you’re volunteers). You’ve been hearing from people that they want to have some options for adults to become more involved in their faith through education or formation. Specifically, you’ve heard that they want to know how to hear God in their own lives, or they want to know more about the Bible and why it’s still one of our best tools for spiritual growth. Now what do you do?

Prayerfully consider these questions together:

  • Is there a real interest in the Bible among adults in our parish? How have we heard this expressed? (By the way, these kinds of responses could eventually become part of your advertising when you’re ready to begin a Bible study.)
  • What else is happening in our parish that already makes use of the Bible? How can we draw attention to the connections between what we’re planning and what is already happening?
  • When would be a good time to begin a Bible study? Lent? Autumn? Spring? Summer?
  • Is there space available in the parish facilities? Would we want to consider meeting in people’s homes?
  • Who could help coordinate our efforts? One or two people with good energy will be a great help in this.
  • Who might be willing to be trained as a facilitator? Make a list of possible people so that you might eventually plan to call and speak with them. Personally invite them to consider this, assuring them that they do not need to be experts in Scripture.
  • When could we do some training for those who will facilitate groups?
  • Pause … Do we proceed? What lingering concerns do we have? Where can we find answers?
  • When do we need to meet again? And who would we want to invite to widen our circle of those who are making plans?
  • How will we spread the word about God’s Word? How can we spread excitement and not just announce time and place?


January 7-9, 2016
Gulf Coast Conference
New Orleans, LA
Cackie Upchurch, Director of LRSS will also be presenting two workshops: "Chosen in Christ" and "Clay in the Hands of the Potter."

February 4-6, 2016
Mid-Atlantic Conference
Baltimore, MD


February 20, 2016
Informational Workshop
Rockville Center, NY

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